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We invented Nakefit to keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things it can already do. Nakefit is designed in Italy and is produced without harming people, animals or the environment (vegan and barefoot friendly).

What is it good for?


Antislip and resistant, for every soil.


Walk on hot sand (surface) without thinking (thoughts).


Nakefit saves the feet of your children from warts/verrucas and dangerous slips.


You will spend a day out of thinking


We will publish soon a video interview that presents all the latest news and updates about the product. In addition to having more insight about the technical features of Nakefit, you can discover how the project was born and who are the creators and the staff behind this innovative insole.

Q: Is Nakefit reusable?
A: Not currently, Nakefit is a disposable product.

Q: Does NakeFfit work in water?
A: Yes. Nakefit is waterproof.

Q: How long does it last?
A: It depends on how you use it, usually longer than 24 hours, but if the insole stays in contact with really hot water (eg: water at 40°C or more) it can last less, like 8 hours.

Q: Is NakeFit heat-resistant?
A: Yes, thanks to NakeFit you can walk without burning on hot surfaces, such as sand.

Q: Is NakeFit non-slip?
A: Yes! In fact, it is perfect for walking or moving without risk around the poolside for example.

Q: What kind of health care protection does it provide?
A: It can protect from skin fungus, infections and surface cuts.

Q: Is NakeFit hypoallergenic?
A: Yes, the adhesive layer is made up of certified pharmaceuticals and hypoallergenic materials.

Q: Is NakeFit’s fabric breathable?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Where is NakeFit manufactured?
A: Nakefit is 100% Made in Italy.

Q: What material is NakeFit made of?
A: For matter of patent, the material will be communicated later.

Q: What about the difference between male and female model?
A: There is no difference, NakeFit is unisex.

Q: Is the size and shape customizable?
A:The sizes available are from 27 eu to 47 eu. In the future there might be the possibility to create† a tailor made product for the ones that have special needs.

Q: Is Nakefit available for pets?
A: NakeFit is currently for human-only.

Q: When NakeFit will be on sale?
A: Early 2018.

Q: Is the package comfort to transport?
A: We are packing in the most light and low-impact packaging.

Q: I want to write about Nakefit! who should i contact?
A: We are happy to hear that! If you want to write about us, please contact press@nakefit.com for more information.

Q: I would like to distribute Nakefit! who should i contact?
A: We are happy to hear that! If you want to distribute Nakefit in your country, just contact us at sales@nakefit.com. We are looking forward to start a good collaboration with you!


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